FauG Game क्या है? What is FAU-G Game? Game Release Date – Akshay Kumar

     Dear Friends, after our PubG Game Ban in India, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar Fau-G is launching the game. What is FauG Game which is being made under the aatm nirbhar bharat of the Government of India. So let’s know about this New FauG Game and about the FauG Game Release Date.

    In our India, there was a lot of excitement in the people regarding PUBG Mobile Game. People went crazy behind PuBG, if you don’t know, PUBG is a Royal Battle based game inspired by Japan.

    In this game 100 people are taken down from a plane, then they kill each other. In the end the player who survives is Winner. And then he is awarded the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

    On 2 October, PUBG had been banned in india, then on the very next day, Akshay Kumar decided to release Fau-G game. Let’s know a few more things about Fau-G Game Play,

Fau-G Game Full Form?

    The full form of the Fau-G Game is Fearless and United Guards. This game is being launched in India after the ban of PUBG Mobile.

What is FauG Game?

    FauG Game is a game similar to PUBG Mobile, which was launched in the past, is being launched by Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar under the aatm nirbhar bharat of the Government of India.

Will Fau-G Game Play Be Like PUBG MOBILE?

Yes! This game will also be a game similar to Pub-G in which players will be sent on a mission. But it is being told that our Indian soldier’s sacrifice will be shown in the Fau G Game.

How will the Fau-G Game First Level be?

 Dear Friends, this is going to be great fun, because it is being told that the Fau-G Game First Level will be connected to the Galwan velly of India. Galvan velly falls in the eastern region of Ladakh, India. On 15 June 2020, a fight took place between the Indian Army and the chain at galwan velly. And this war can be shown in the first level of the FaujG Game.

What is the name of Fau-G Game Developer Company?

Dear Friends, it is a company named nCore Games based in Bangalore, which is developing FauG Game. Vishal Gondal, CEO of nCore Games Co-Founder and GOQii, says the Fauji game was started to be made from may-june 2020.

When will FauG Game release?

If the updates are considered, then it is being told that the FauG Game Release Date is very close, the Fauji game can be released by November End this year.

PUBG VS FAUG – Can Fau-G Game Compete with PubG Mobile?

Friends nCore Games Company says that after PUBG MOBILE BANNED, whoever was PUBG Player, they are looking for a game like that. In such a situation, at the time of FAU-G Game Launch, you can play at least 20 crore INDIANS Fauji Game.
So if you are also thinking that Fauji game kab launch hoga, then wait for the end of October when FauG Game will be installed in every Indian mobile.

When will Faug Trailer – Fauji Game trailer arrive?

There is no information about it yet, but maybe the Fau-G Game Trailer will be launched by the end of September 2020.

How is Fau-G connected to #BharatKeVeer Trust?

Friends, Fauji Game is being made under India’s aatmnirbhar abhiyaan, then 20% of Fau-G Game Total Revenue will be donated to BharatKeVeer Trust. BharatKeVeer Trust is a trust whose entire money is  spent for the Indian Army.

How to download FauG Game?

When the Fau-G Game will be launched at the end of October 2020, after that you can download the FauG Game from GooglePlayStore for absolutely free.

Final Word About Fauji Game 2020

Friends, it is a matter of great pleasure that now a High Graphics Game lauch is going to be held in our India as well. And the happier thing than this is that 20% of its total income is going to be spent for our soldiers in India.
So my dear friends, in today’s post, we have FauG Game? FauG Game Release Date – Know all about Fauji Game 2020. If you have any question in your mind then you can ask by commenting. If you have received good information by reading this post, then you must share it with your friends on Social Media such as Whatsapp.

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