How to protect Google AdSense Ads from referral spam, bot traffic and ghost visits in Blogspot

Hello guys, In this article I’m gonna tell you a story about what happened with my website. How my AdSense ads limit comes due to referral spam and how I handled the whole matter.

I hope you know very well, How much an AdSense Ads Limit harms a publisher. In this article I will solve your issue completely. And after that you website will never be affected by spammers.
First of all lets know some terms:

What it Referral Spam, Bot Traffic and Ghost Visits.

Referral Spam

The Referral Spam is the visits to your website from actual referral traffic but spam in a way to harm your content or your website without providing any type of backlinks.

Bot Traffic

Bot Traffic is a automated virtual users visits to your website. Bot traffic affect your sites by slowing its page loading speed. Thousands of bot traffic may be sent to your website which causes your host server down.

Ghosts Visits

Spammers send fake visits to Google Analytics, often without ever accessing the affected site. The technique is used to have the spammers’ URLs appear in the site statistics, inducing the site owner to visit the spam URLs. When the spammer never visited the affected site, the fake visits are also called Ghost Spam.

Step Wise Step Explanation:

Step 1: Detecting the Referral Spam

Logon to from your browser and login with your google account. Open Stats on your Blogger. Click on MORE ABOUT THIS BLOG. 


Now Analyze the Top Referrers Graphs as shown below, which website is showing higher referrings except search engines. If there is any website which has more referrer than search engines than it might be the issue of your AdSense ads limit. 

Top Referrers

Step 2: Removing the Referral Spam

Simply copy the download the following source code and paste it just below the opening head tag  <head> in your blogger theme. You may watch the video tutorial given above.
If you are having any issue or problem not solved, do not hesitate to contact us.

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