Independence Day WhatsApp Pro Wishing Script Free Download 2020

Hi, Do you want to earn this festival. It is not only the article. It may give a shine to your creativity so that you can also earn this festival. The one and only this is to do. Just read this article carefully. If you are here to just download Independence Day Pro Wishing Script For Free. Then you can scroll down and start. Here, In this article I am gonna share you some important facts about wishing script. To make it viral and earn via google AdSense that no body will tell you.

First of all if you just want to download Independence Day Pro Wishing Script For Free. SImply Click here to create and download the source code for your SEO and fully customisable wishing script. So, it would be easy for you.

Here, all the wishing scripts are free of course with customizable theme and templates. So,you can select the template as your wish and generate the source code for it. HK Technical Wishing Script Maker provides lifetime update to the source codes. For that you will be notified for the update and you can implement the new source code on your script.

Download Independence Day WhatsApp Viral Pro Wishing Script

Guys, It is easy and feasible to install a wishing script on your website. Or blogger from HK Technical Wishing Script Maker. We have made a well defined tutorial for making SEO Ready wising scripts. So that you can also user this amazing tool.

Step by Step

  1. Open HK Technical Wishing Script Maker in your browser. Recommend browser is latest version of chrome, safari, firefox, etc.

    HK Technical Wishing Script Maker is updating its features day by day. It may change its appearance to some new interface. So, Click on the link to open the latest version of Wishing Script Maker.

  2. Select the Developer option to create the source code for your wishing script.

    There are two types of Developer Option one is Anonymous Developer and another is Developer.
    Anonymous Developer creates the wishing script anonymously and having all the feature as Developer option having but lack of services. Anonymous Developer option do not allow you to keep your wishing script more than 48 hours. It will be deleted automatically.
    Developer option allows you to have a profile on HK Technical & you can save the source code on your profile. Some how if you lost your source code, you are having its backup in your profile. Which you can download any time as you want. You need to login for this.

  3. Login to your account. Or Create An Account if new on HK Technical.

  4. Enter the required fields as mentioned:

    Title: This is the title of your wishing page.
    Event Date: It is recommended only when you are create a script for the future event. It should not be used on the day(today) events.
    Pre-Greeting Text: It is the Designed and Animated Text visible on your wish page. For e.g. Wishing You & Your Family, Wishing You, Have a, & as good as you think, etc.
    Greeting Text: It is the Designed and Animated Text visible on your wish page. For e.g. Very Very Happy Birthday, Very Good Morning, & as good as you think, etc.
    Template/Theme: It is the main thing that shows visual impact on your wishing page. Select theme as you like.
    Curtain: It is the front cover/screen on the wishing page, which is used to hide loading objects and images on the page behind the curtain. And it also gives a curtain opening effect. Select the curtain as you like.
    Marquee Icons: There are the moving icon/images along the edge of the page. Select at least 3 to 4 icons or leave it as your wish.
    Background Music: It plays automatically along with opening curtain which gives an amazing audible effect to viewer. Select the Music from the selection list. You can also play it from Play music.
    Event GIF URL: It is visible at the center of the page. Do not allow to proceed if you didn’t getting the image preview below the field. No preview means your image is not valid to view on the webpage.
    Simple Click on the Add Image Button. You may select from the Available Images, My Uploads (your previously uploaded images shows here) & you can upload your own or insert image by URL
    Message/Wising Quotes: Write your wishing text/quote here. It is the text message visible in the wishing page.
    Enter URL: It is the URL of the page where your are going to host your wishing script. For e.g. If I want to Create Wishing Script on blogger then This field is my blog address i.e. Or If you are going to upload it on the wordpress site or custom domain then it would be address of page i.e.
    OG Description: It is on-graph or meta description field which is visible on the social share card and web search result for your site. Write some content describing you wishing page.
    Keywords: It is meta keyword parameter which gives search engine what your web page is about and show it in related searches.
    OG Image Url: It is on-graph Image or meta image field which is visible on the social share card and web search result for your site. Provide suitable image for it. You may also leave it empty.
    Google-analytics Code: Provide your Google Analytics code to track the real time view of your wishing page. Learn here how to generate google analytics code.
    Banner Ad Code: Provide your Banner ad code from the Google Adsense or some another ads companies as suitable to you.

  5. Click on the Submit Button

    As you click on Submit Button. A new interface will open.

  6. Just Click on the Copy Script Code.

    You can also download the script either in php or html file on your device.

  7. Paste the Copied Script Code where you want to host your wishing page.

    You may also upload the downloaded php or html file to the server of your website.

  8. You have all done. Just preview it.

    Further having any query you may comment below. I will definitely solve it.

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    1. No Need to Worry You can solve this issue by watching this short video.

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