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  Pharmacology is one of the subjects in the 4th and 5th semester of B Pharmacy and First year of MBBS. It deals with the rational and scientific basis of therapeutics. KD Tripathi is one of the books most widely considered in Pharmacology. Below are the links are given to KD Tripathi PDF format for Pharmacology.

Specs of KD Tripathi Pharmacology ebook:

This ebook comprises of following features:
  • General Pharmacology Principles
  • Drugs Acting on Autonomic Nervous System
  • Autacoids and Related Drugs
  • Respiratory System Drugs
  • Hormones and Related Drugs
  • Drugs Acting on Peripheral (Somatic) Nervous System
  • Drugs Acting on Central Nervous System
  • Cardiovascular Drugs
  • Drugs Acting on Kidney
  • Drugs Affecting Blood and Blood Formation
  • Gastrointestinal Drugs
  • Antimicrobial Drugs
  • Chemotherapy of Neoplastic Diseases
  • Miscellaneous Drugs


  • With some weird diagrams, KD Tripathi still manages to explain the mechanism of drugs action with flowcharts and images. 
  • The book has over 955 pages with 69 chapters in the book including an index and list of abbreviations.
  • The four appendixes are: 
    • Appendix 1: List of Essential Medicines
    • Appendix 2: Prescribing in Pregnancy
    • Appendix 3: Drugs in Breastfeeding
    • Appendix 4: Drugs and Fixed-Dose Combinations Banned in India
Suggestions to those studying physiology in B Pharmacy and Second-year MBBS are as follows:
  • Most of the pharmacology is mugging up, you will end up making a number of mnemonics for them.
  • But do not miss important topics, including the drugs for cardiology, antibiotics, etc.
  • Do not miss Emergency medicine drugs. 
KD Tripathi Pharmacology PDF Free Download link is given below you can download the ebook directly by clicking the link given below.

Download KD Tripathi Pharmacology PDF(7th Edition)48MB

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