Biomolecules Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Important Notes


Introduction, classification, chemical nature and biological role of carbohydrate, lipids, nucleic acids, amino acids and proteins.


Most Important Questions:

  1. Define carbohydrates. Give their classification.
  2. What are polysaccharides? Classify them.
  3. Explain biological roles of carbohydrate.
  4. Differentiate between starch and glycogen.
  5. Write notes on :
    1.  Cellulose
    2. Anomers
    3. Epimers
    4. Mutarotation
    5. Inulin
    6. Homopolysaccharides
    7. Heteropolysaccharides
    8. Hyaluronic acid
    9. Chondroitin sulfates 
    10. Heparin
    11. Glycoaminoglycans
    12. Optical isomerism


Most Important Questions:

  1. What are lipids? Classify them. Define biological role of lipids.
  2. What are fatty acids? Classify them.
  3. Describe briefly:
    1. Classification of lipids with suitable example
    2. Plasmalogens
    3. Sphingolipids
    4. Cholesterol
    5. Cerebrosides
  4. Write notes on:
    1. PUFA
    2. Triacylglycerols
    3. Lecithins
    4. Phospholipids
    5. Prostaglandins

Nucleic acids

Most Important Questions:

  1. What us a nucleotide? Name different nucleotides found in DNA.
  2. Describe various nucleotides of biological importance found in the body.
  3. Write notes on :
    1. Biological significance of nucleotides
    2. Nucleosides
    3. Nucleotides

Amino acids and Proteins:

Most Important Questions:

  1. What are proteins? Classify proteins based on their solubility.
  2. What are amino acids? Classify them.
  3. Discuss briefly:
    1. Quaternary structure of proteins
    2. Biological role of amino acids
    3. Essential amino acids
    4. Branched chain amino acid
    5. Basic amino acids
    6. Classification of amino acids according to nutrients requirement
  4. Writes notes on:
    1. Fibrous proteins
    2. Globular proteins
    3. Structure organization of proteins
    4. Zwitterion
    5. Conjugated protein

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