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   The National Testing Agency (NTA) has released GPAT 2020 question paper and response sheet on January 29. The direct link to check GPAT question paper PDF along with the response sheet of candidates is provided on this page. GPAT question paper 2020 (Code S2) has been made available. As per the official notice, the question paper of NTA GPAT 2020 & response sheet will be available till 5:00 PM of February 2, 2020.

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1. SCHICH Test Toxin is a sterile Filterate from a culture of:

  1. Actinobacillus mallei
  2. Caryne bacterium Diphtheriae
  3. Rickettsia prowazeki
  4. Mycobacterium Diphtheriae

2. Following statement is more accurate with respoct to limitations of Arrhenius relationship for stability prediction:

  1. Less relative humidity and oxygen solubility at higher temperature
  2. Order of degradation will alter at higher temperature
  3. Same degradation mechanisms may predominate at different temperatures
  4. Equal moisture concentrations will bw mentioned at different temperature

3. Type II glass container are:

  1. Suitable for alkaline solutions
  2. Suitable for most acidic and neutral aqueous preparations
  3. Suitable for non-aqueous preparations
  4. Most inert glasses and shows high hydrolytic resistance

4. An excipient Ludipress used for liquid Dosage form is a coprocessed excipient of:

  1. Lactose monohydrate + Killidon 30
  2. Dextrose monohydrate + Killidon 30
  3. Lactose monohydrate + Killidon 30 + Killidon CL
  4. Dextrose monohydrate + Killidon 30 +  Killidon CL

5. Lakes of Dyes available commercially contain maximum upto ________ of pure dye.

  1. 10%
  2. 15%
  3. 25%
  4. 50%

6. Dimethyl sulfoxide acts as penetration enhance for topical formulations by:

  1. Increasing solvent nature of membrane
  2. Alternating solvent nature of membrane
  3. Increasing transepidermal loss
  4. Denaturing proteins

7. Pyrogens present in containers can be destroted by heating the containers at:

  1. 121°C for 30 mins
  2. 121°C for 15 mins
  3. 210°C for 4 h
  4. 210°C for 1 h

8. In capsule making the Bloom strength of gelatin is proportional to molecular weight of the gelatin and is a measure of the:

  1. Cohesive strength of the solvent molecule
  2. Adhesive strength of gelatin with dipping pins
  3. Cohesive strength of the crosslinking that occurs between gelatin molecules
  4. Adhesive strength of gelatin with other polymer

9. Relative sweetness of sucrose, to saccharin:

  1. 1:100
  2. 1:500
  3. 1:400
  4. 1:200

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10. Violin gut is obtained from intestine of:

  1. Camel 
  2. Sheep 
  3. Cat 
  4. Horse

11. As per European Pharmacopoeia technical quide, substance stored at 25°C for 24 hours at 80% RH, called very hygroscopic when increase in weight is:

  1. ≥ 0.2% w/w and < 15% w/w
  2. ≥ 0.2% w/w and < 20% w/w
  3. ≥ 0.2% w/w and < 2% w/w
  4. ≥ 15% w/w

12. Fraction of administered dose (which may be -n form of an ester of salt) of active drug is termed as:

  1. Intrinsic factor
  2. Formulation factor
  3. Activity factor
  4. Salt factor

13. The Crenulation effect on the cell wall is caused by _______ solutions and this effect is _______.

  1. Hypotonic; reversible
  2. Hypertonic; irreversible
  3. Hypotonic; irreversible
  4. Hypertonic; reversible

14. Drug products that contain the same therapeutic moiety but as difficult salts, esters of complexes are called as:

  1. Therapeutic equivalents
  2. Pharmaceuticals equivalents
  3. Pharmaceutical alternative
  4. Therapeutic alternatives

15. Centistoke is the CGS unit for the following property:

  1. Surface tension
  2. Coefficient of viscosity
  3. Kinematic viscosity
  4. Fluidity

16. Method of study drug distribution pattern is:

  1. Mass spectrophotometry
  2. Nuclear magnetic resonance
  3. UV-visible spectrophotometry
  4. Flourimetry

17. Molar heat capacity of a system is defined as:

  1. The amount of heat required to decrease temperature of one mole of the system by one Kelvin
  2. The amount of heat required to decrease temperature of one mole of the system by one Fahrenheit
  3. The amount of hear required to raise temperature of one mole of the system by one Fahrenheit
  4. The amount of hear required to raise temperature of one mole of the system by one Kelvin

18. When adhesive attractions between molecules of different species exceeds cohesive attraction between like molecules, the deviation according to Rault’s law is said to be:

  1. Partial
  2. Positive
  3. Neutral
  4. Negative

19. Production of Acetyl methyl carbinol can be detected by which of the following test?

  1. Voges-proskaver test
  2. Methyl red test
  3. Citrate utilization test
  4. Indole test

20. While studying solid state physicochemical properties, the packing property of drug include:

  1. Solubility
  2. Refractive index
  3. Heat capacity
  4. Entropy

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