How to create popup message box in blogger without using external site

Hey there,
    Here, how we create POPUP Message to show on blogger or blogspot website.

So, Conditions of our pop up message will be:

  • Popup message once for an hour to a visitor. After one our when user again browse your website the message will be displayed.
  • Responsive popup box.
  • Using CSS, Jquery, and HTML.
  • Fixed alignment to the page.
  • User friendly.

To create the Popup message, please follow these steps:

1. Download the source code for widget From Here.
2. Login to and go layout tab in your

4. Add new HTML gadget. And paste the given widget code in it. And Save it.
5. Download the source code for jquery From Here.
6. Now, to Edit Theme Section and Search for </head> Tag. And paste the Given jquery code before the closing head tag.
7. You have finished And Just preview your website.
If  you have any query, you can comment below.

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