How to Remove Cam Scanner Logo in Smart Phone | Remove Scanned by Cam Sc…

As You are watching this video so you may have to use Cam Scanner somewhere or somehow in your personal or professional works…


Cam Scanner provide a fine quality of image document..

On Coming to my point it will draw a logo on each page of your document which makes your works somehow fishy. But further if you want to remove this logo it needs to upgrade your Cam scanner account to premium.

So.. Today we will discuss how you can easily remove cam scanner logo from your documents scanned by cam scanner using only by your smart phone.

For that Please watch the video till end.

First of all.

We will scan a document and save it as pdf.

So Before that i will tell you how you can remove this cam Scanner logo on desktop pc.

I have imported that file into my pc using shareit.

If you don’t know how to use share it on pc than please comment below. I will make a video for that too.

So, Open the pdf file in MS World. The scanned document appears as image.

So, you can change the orientation of the scanned image.

You can remove the Cam scanner logo easily.

To add your own logo.

Go to the Insert tab and click on Footer and add your own logo.

As i told you you can do it in your smart phone easily.

Now i will show you how you can easily remove Cam Scanner logo from documents.

Before that you must have the microsoft word application installed in your smart phone.

Simply open the pdf file as word document In your smart  phone.

It will convert your PDF into editable word document.

It may require your internet connection to do that.

Save a copy of word document in you smart phone.

And open the previously Saved word document in Microsoft Word on your smart phone.

You can delete the Cam Scanner Logo easily.

And you can also change the document image orientation.

TO add your own Logo Go to Insert and then footer and edit footer.

Type your Name and Save the file.

You  can share the file as pdf or you can save it in your smart.

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