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Ms Powerpoint



What is Microsoft Powerpoint:


Ms PowerPoint is a program which is used in a company to prepare slide and animation. And it is also used to show the presentation of any project.


What is Presentation ?

Presentation is a collection of slides.


Extension name of PowerPoint:



How to open PowerPoint?

Go to start menu→ all program→ microsoft office→ MS PowerPoint

Press window + R → Powerpnt→ ok


How to prepare slide and animation?

Go to format menu →slide design→ select slide design→ apply it


How to use slide layout?

Go to format menu→ slide layout→ apply the layout


How to create new slide?

Go to insert menu→ new slide or ctrl + m


How to create duplicate slide?

Go to insert menu→ duplicate slide or ctrl + d


How to make full screen to the slide?

Go to view menu→ slide show or go to slide show →view show f5


How to use slide sorter?

Go to view menu →slide sorter

How to do normal a slide ?

Go to view menu → Normal


How to give any notes with slide:

Go to view menu→ notes page


How to use of slide master ?

Go to file menu → new → blank presentation → go to view menu → master → slide master → give background , font color as you want → file menu → save → save as type → template → give name → save .


How to apply created design template ?

Go to format menu → slide design →task pane →  browse → select template → apply


How to use slide  transition and give timing for automatically ?

Go to slide show menu → slide transition → task pane → select transition → speed → automatically after → apply to all slide .


How to show total time of slide show ?

Go to slide show menu→ rehearse timing → right click of mouse → next → ok


How to give animation in slide ?

Go to slide show menu → slide transition → task pane →give animation → play → apply to all slide → slide show .


How to give custom animations ?

Go to slide show  menu → custom animation → add effects → entrance → exit  → play


How to create custom show ?

Go to slide show menu → custom show → new → add → ok


How to ungroup of a picture ?

Right click on any clip art → grouping → ungroup → again → ungroup


How to use ball pen for slide show ?

Press F5 → right click of mouse → pointer option → pen


How to hide any slide ?

Click on slide which you want to hide → Go to slide show menu – hide slide

Repeat this process for unhide


How to use setup show ?

Go to slide show menu → setup show → from → 1 to 4 etc


How to create an action button ?

Go to slide show menu → action button → select any  button → draw button on slide → hyperlink to → other file → select file → open → ok → slide show → click on this button to open file.


How can insert slide from other files ?

Go to insert menu →slide from file →  select any file of power point → open → select slides → insert


How can insert slide from outlines ?

Go to insert menu → slide from outline → select any file of word or notepad  → open → insert

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