What is Rapid antibody test for Coronavirus | How it is conducted

   ICMR started another test for corona virus that is Rapid Antibody Test. It is even fast and easy than other molecule tests like the Rapid Transcription Polymerase chain reaction which is currently being used to test for Covid-19 disease. It just need 10 minutes to give result.
  It is a card based test. Where the rapid antibody test is conducted using using blood sample of the suspect vis-a-vis the RT-PCR testing methodology which uses throat or nasal swabs. The Blood sample is centrifuged in centrifuge machine to separate serum and blood clots. After separating serum, the 10 microlitre of serum is placed on the cards. The card is basically contain the cotted antigen of CoVID-19. When the serum of some positive patient which contain antibody, reacts with antigen of CoVID-19. This will give a line on the card if test is positive. and there will be no line if the patient test is negative.
  • The rapid antibody tests may be said as not be so accurate as the RT-PCR. These tests are known to throw up more false negatives than false positives which is why the US Centre for Disease Control recommends a molecular test like RT-PCR if a rapid antibody test throes negative results.
  • Antibody tests help in determining whether someone suspected of Covid-19 has developed an immunity or not. In Germany, these immunity tests are essential for allowing those who have tested positive or show an immunity towards the disease to return to work.
  • Due to a shorter testing span, these tests will help in detection of the virus in clusters or hotspots. Individuals with influenza like symptoms in healthcare facilities will also be monitored.
  • For Antibody tests, if a negative result is shown, then if warranted confirm with an RT-PCR test using throat or nasal swabs. If RT-PCR is negative then it could be an Influenza like illness. In case of positive RT-PCR test result, the laid down procedure of isolation, treatment and contact tracing to be followed.

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