New news against Corona Protein 3CLpro | Hydroxyethylamine analog | Antibody CR3022 against corona

New news against Corona | Corona Vulnerability

Clues to COVID-19 coronavirus’s vulnerability emerge from an antibody against SARS

 This is corona virus. There is such a part of this virus, which is attacked, can be eliminated. A shocking drug has been done by a US-based organization doing research on the corona virus for a long time.
  Scientists of the medical research organization SCRIPPS Research have administered the drug that an antibody named CR3022 was found in the body of a person who survived the SARS epidemic.

Antibody CR3022 Which was tested on corona virus.

    It is claimed that this antibodies weaken the corona virus by affecting its specific part. This research is based on the research of scientist Ian Wilson. See how the antibodies from the SARS patient affect the corona and why it will affect. The family of corona virus is called Coronaviridae. Crane is a member of the Corona Family, which spread in China in the year 2000.
There is a lot of similarities of symptoms between patient of SARS and Coronavirus. That’s why official name of Corona Virus is Sars-CoV-2.
If this research got to their final result against corona virus, then it will victory against Corona Virus.
But there are a lot of steps to proceed to make this research successful.
   Another viral news is that Corona may killed by Hydroxyethylamine analogs. Vijesh Rathi, Assistant Professor of Delhi university suggest a report on it. Corona may be treated by Hydroxyethylamine analog. This Chemical works against protein of corona i.e. 3CLpro. According to a report of Professor Rathi Published in  Open Source Chemistry Society, Hydroxyethylamine analogs makes the molecular docking with Protein of corona virus. After Docking it prevent the corona to replicate in lungs. 
   Here, it is much important ot know that what is Hydroxyethylamine. Hydroxyethylamine is used in Medicines of Malaria and AIDS. Hydroxyethylamine analogs is a new derivative of Hydroxyethylamine.
It is said that Corona infection can be treated by Hydroxyethylamine analogs. But before Hydroxyethylamine analogs have to pass a lot of laboratory tests.

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