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Computer Fundamentals

Full form of computer

                        C         :           Commonly

                        O         :           Operating

                        M         :           Machine

                        P          :           Particularly

                        U         :           Used In

                        T          :           Trade

                        E          :           Education And

                        R         :           Research


We can say in other language, system to the computer.


            S                      :           Save

            Y                     :           Your   

            S                      :           Sufficient

            T                      :           Time

            E                      :           Energy And

            M                     :           Money


What is definition of Computer?

Computer is a device that can help solve problems by accepting the data ,perform arithmetic ,logical operations and then presenting the result of those operations for the human user   as per his requirement.

 Who is father of computer?

Charles Babbage was father of computer.

There are many parts of computers:-

Such as:- Monitor , Keyboard , Mouse ,Printer , Hard Disk , Ram , Ups , Process , Motherboard , CD Writer  etc .

 Monitor : Monitor is an output  device by which shows the output of any data .A monitor has VDU (Visual Display Unit ). 

Keyboard : Keyboard is an input device which is used to input or type any data for computer .

 There are four types of key in keyboard.

 1.      Functional :- F1 to F12

2.      Numerical: – 1 to 9, 0 to 9.

3.      Alphabetical: – A to Z.

4.      Special key: – Esc, Alt, Enter, Space, Delete etc.

 Types of Keyboard:-

 1.      Normal :- 101 key

2.      Multimedia :- 101 to 107

3.      Cordless :- 125 & above

Mouse : Mouse is an input device which is used to give instructions to the computer by clicking & move the curser . 

Mouse are two types:-

Mechanical Mouse: – left / right button, one scroll button & one ball.

Optical Mouse: – left / right button, one scroll button & laser light beam and no ball.                                                                                                   

CPU :  CPU means central processing unit .It is  brain of computer . a computer can not do any thing without CPU .It has CU(Control Unit ),ALU(Arithmetic Logical Unit ),MU (Memory Unit).

UPS : Uninterrupted  Power Supply .It is a device which give a sufficient power to the system .

Printer : Printer is a device by which we can print  of any data .It is an output device. 

HDD: HDD means Hard Disk Drive.It is a component which stores all data .It is a permanent.

RAM : Ram means Random Access Memory it is a temporary  memory of computer .The data input through input devices is first stored onto the RAM only. Then it picked up by CPU as per the requirement for data processing. In event of switching off power supply, RAM losses the data stored in it.

ROM:ROM means Read Only Memory it is a permanent memory of computer. The data stored in ROM can not be erased but they can read only. Few essential programs are installed in the computer during the manufacturing.

Data : Any value given by user may be anything . as: a to z , 0 to 9 symbols .etc . 

User : Human beings who is posting work on computer .

Process : Operate the given data  at the time of processing .

Information : Result given by computer.

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