Types Of Memory in Computer Basics, Computer Application in Pharmacy

Types Of Memory in Computer

Primary Memory :-  It is also known as main memory with limited storage capacity.

It is two types:

1.      RAM: Random Access Memory  it is temporary memory.

2.      ROMRead Only Memory it is permanent memory.

Secondary Memory: This memory store large amount of data as floppy disk magnetic disks etc. Primary memory is more expensive than the secondary memory. Because of this the size of Primary memory is less than of Secondary memory.

Storage Devices: The devices which are used for storing the data externally are called external storage devices.

Examples of external storage devices are :-

1.      Magnetic Storage :- (a) Floppy Disk  (b) Hard Disk

2.      Optical Storage :- (a) CD (Compact Disk) (b) DVD (Digital Video Disk)

Software:- A set of instructions is known as program and group of programs is called software.

Types of software:-

(a)   System software :- All application software controlled by them .

Example -Operating system ,Windows XP

(b)   Application software:-Programs that perform main work for user .

Example :- Ms word, Tally

(c)   Utility Software:- programs which are capable of maintaining and repairing .

Example: – Loader , File manager etc.

Hardware: The mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment and instrument are computer hardware.

Example: HDD, mother board, CPU.

What is a  window ?

A window is a rectangular area that appears on your monitor. Click on My Computer icon and see the window that appears .

What is a desktop?

The first screen , which you see on Monitor is called desktop.

What is Icon?

A picture that represent any program is called icon.

What is folder ?

A group of files or folder is called folder.

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