Blogger is not auto-redirecting to custom domain – Solution

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If you are viewing this warning before redirecting to you custom domain.

You’re about to be redirected – This blog is not hosted by Blogger and has not been checked for spam.

Follow my Steps Cautiously.

  • This error is generally happens when you are using SSL provided by any unknown service other than blogger. 
  • SSL certificate on blogspot is auto-generating, and auto-renewal service. 
  • Blogpsot does not need any domain with SSL.
  • If you are hosting your blog on any domain, then make sure is does not carry any SSL Certificate from Domain provider or anyone else.
  • So this error can be solved, as given below.
Step 1
  • Go to your domain provider website, and look into DNS Records(If using). else if you are using Nameservers then it does not matter. only make sure it is correct values.
  • As Shown Below is the A Records
  • OR you can also use CNAME as show below.
  • One Main is to Remove your SSL From Domain provider. In this case I am having an example with Cloudflare SSL.
  • On Any SSL Service It Show a symbol like this
  •  Change This To .
  • Means it provide only DNS Connectivity, not SSL.
  • After all these steps.
  • Go to you > GO to Settings and then > HTTPS group.
  • Change the setting as shown in the image i.e. HTTPS Availability = YES, and HTTPS Redirect = YES. 
  • Next is to check it after few minutes.
  • If it is solved then fine.
  • Else it is shows redirecting too many times. then go your DNS Connection and remove Auto-redirect to HTTPS from there.
  • As shown Below.
  • Now it ready to go. It is helps you then please follow me. 
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